Bath Ponchos

A soft, cute bath towel poncho with animal head hood for children age 1 to 8 years, made from cosy 100% terry cloth. Ideal for quick drying and wrapping up after bath time, swimming or the beach.

Our soft, cosy poncho hooded towels for boys and girls offer freedom to move and are very comfortable. The poncho has a button on the front, hooks inside, and is sewn under the arms on both sides for a perfect fit. The hooded bath poncho is pulled over the head easily and quickly.

Our Slumbersac ponchos are a combination of a dressing gown and a conventional bath towel. The advantage of these over a bathrobe is that the bath poncho cannot come undone and open at the front. It also does not slip off and therefore keeps little ones warm and cosy while being able to move and play. 

The bath poncho also keeps the sun out and protects little ones from sunburn when playing at the pool or beach.

A practical hood protects the head and ears from the cold and wind. Children can get dry without their sensitive skin being irritated by rubbing.

The ponchos for beach and bath are available in lots of cute designs: from the classic version with embroidery to more fun, colourful ponchos with an animal face on the hood and sewn-on ears.