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  1. First Mother's Day

    First Mother's Day

    Mother’s Day is special day for every Mom, but for a new Mom of a young baby it is another important milestone and truly worth celebrating. In your first days, months or year as a mom you have coped with pregnancy, childbirth and endless sleepless nights. Therefore Mothers should be treated like a Queen on Mother’s Day to honour her and make her feel important and happy.
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  2. Gentle adjustment to daylight saving time for babies and toddlers

    Gentle adjustment to daylight saving time for babies and toddlers

    The time change to daylight saving time is often particularly difficult for babies and toddlers. With simple tricks parents can get their children used to the change.On 30 March 2014 at 2.00 clock in the morning, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the clocks spring forward one hour. While adults usually compensate the lack of sleep and fatigue after a few days, many children are sensitive to the forced change in their usual daily routine.
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  3. Skin Problems and Eczema in Babies

    Skin Problems and Eczema in Babies

    Baby skin is very delicate and sensitive, as the barrier function of the skin is not fully developed, which can lead to very dry skin. Therefore, most babies have a rash or other skin problems during their first year of life. Many of these lesions often disappear without any treatment. However, there are rashes that are not so harmless.
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