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  1. Holidays at Home

    Holidays at Home

    Holidays, eh? Who needs them? Now don’t get me wrong, I love deserted beaches, pure white sand, crystal blue seas and evening cocktails as much as the next person, but let’s be honest - when there are young children and babies around, the reality is often somewhat different.
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  2. Pregnant through the summer

    Pregnant through the summer

    Surviving summer with your baby bump (written with the help of my lovely wife!)
    Ah, carefree summer days! Balmy evenings in the beer garden, lazing or on a balcony or terrace, taking dip in an outdoor swimming pool ... what could be better?
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  3. Camping with kids

    Camping with kids

    Camping. For many of us, the word brings back memories of carefree childhood days, unending summers, freedom to explore the countryside, and making new friends. For others, the memories are less … erm … enthusiastic. Rain, noisy campsites, grotty loos and showers, no loos or showers at all, rain, collapsing tents, lack of sleep, and did I mention the rain?
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