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  1. Good Sleep in the Summer Heat

    Good Sleep in the Summer Heat

    We all love the summer, of course, but for the parents of younger children it can sometimes be a difficult time.For adults, hot summer nights (no, not that kind!) can make it difficult to sleep. But babies and toddlers can sometimes suffer even more than us grown-ups because their bodies are not as good at regulating their temperature as ours. As a result, they miss out on the sleep they need, they get cranky, and may have a reduced appetite – which of course makes them even crankier and less able to sleep!
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  2. Exercising During Pregnancy

    Exercising During Pregnancy

    In the not too distant past, pregnant women were discouraged from doing any kind of exercise because it was thought that it posed a risk to both baby and mother. In these more enlightened times, however, not only is exercise seen as safe in moderation, it is actually recommended by doctors. Exercise can keep mums-to-be fit, and helps to reduce common complaints that women suffer during pregnancy, such as back problems, water retention, excessive weight gain, gestational diabetes and depression.
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