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  1. Tips to help your child sleep well while on holiday

    Tips to help your child sleep well while on holiday

    With summer just around the corner you may be making plans for a family holiday. Here are some great tips to help your little one sleep well while on your break. Consistency is key when it comes to sleep, this can be tricky when you are in a different environment but there are simple things you can do that will help:
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  2. Why choose a baby sleeping bag

    Why choose a baby sleeping bag

    For new parents, settling your newborn baby can be a tricky task which can become stessful and tiring if you're finding it hard to find the right way for your baby. Swaddling has been widely used in many cultures globally as the blanket wrapping technique can stimulate the feelings of being in the womb and calm the child. However, not all newborn babies take to this technique as they don't like the feeling of being restricted. There are other alternatives to swaddling if your little one doesn't enjoy this and you're finding it difficult, such as sleeping bags.

    Baby sleeping bags are designed in a way to allow lots of room for leg movement and do not restrict or straighten baby’s legs. At the same time they keep babies calm and safe and limit the risk of overheating. Midwives recommend t

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