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  1. Top 10 Spring Inspired Baby Names for Girls and Boys

    Top 10 Spring Inspired Baby Names for Girls and Boys

    Is your baby due this Spring? Have you been thinking about a seasonal inspired name? If so, look no further! We have compiled the top ‘spring’ baby names for girls and boys!

    Baby Names


    1. April– This name isn’t commonly seen now, but we think it is very pretty, especially for a baby born in…well April of course! It is definitely growing in popularity and we're not surprised - we think it's gorgeous! 

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  2. Baking with Children

    Baking with Children

    Baking delicious cakes, cookies or muffins together can be an exciting activity and great fun for the whole family. Children love to knead the dough with their little hands and wait impatiently to try the delicacies as the appetizing scent fills the kitchen. With a lot of fun, a pinch of time and a tablespoon of love, you can conjure up yummy bakes together that will taste great for young and old.

    Baking with kids

    Baking is important for children

    Baking together is not only fun, it is also very valuable for your child. Your little, hard-working

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  3. Should I get my child a pet?

    Should I get my child a pet?

    Sooner or later the question arises in every family: “Please can I have a pet?” Especially when your child has already had positive experiences with animals, this question will probably be in your ears for hours. When asked whether you should grant them this wish, there is no general answer. It depends on various factors. To help you decide, we have listed some key considerations before you make any decisions…

    Child with cat


    • Pets enrich children's lives and they learn life lessons

    Growing up with a pet can be a

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