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8 Nursery Do's and Don'ts

11 Dec, 2019


Do use drawer dividers. These are the best way to keep your baby’s tiny items of clothing neat and tidy. You can organise them by long sleeve, short sleeve or by night-time for example. It makes it easier for you and saves you precious time if your baby needs changing in the middle of the night.

Do keep a laundry basket and a bin next to your changing table
You don’t want to leave your baby unoccupied on the changing table, even if it’s only whilst you run to the bin or laundry basket on the other side of the room. Having them right next to the changing table makes it much safer and easier to clean up afterwards.

Do avoid clutter
The last thing you want in the middle of the night when it’s dark is to have to complete an assault course to avoid the clutter on the floor. It means you can avoid turning the light on and waking your baby up even more, meaning you can get back to sleep quicker (which is always a good thing)!

Do use the top of your sturdy dresser as a changing table
This is a great hack and it saves you a lot of space and money. By buying a changing mat and attaching it on top of your dresser, you can double up your chest of drawers into your own changing table. It does the same job, but you don’t have to spend lots of money buying new furniture and it won’t go to waste when your baby gets older.


Don’t waste storage space
With all the different items needed to keep your baby happy, you’re going to need all the storage space you can get! In your baby’s wardrobe, try adding an extra rail under the first one to fit in double the number of clothes, or put storage boxes with items you may not need just yet under the crib.

Don’t forget to baby-proof the nursery
Above everything else, your nursery should be a safe space for your baby to live in. Installing baby gates, anchoring furniture and covering up plug sockets are just a few simple ways to make sure your home is safe. You can also easily find home safety kits online, packed with plug socket covers, cupboard latches and corner protectors to help you baby-proof your home. 

Don’t forget an organiser next to your changing table
A little organiser is a perfect place to keep all your essentials when your baby needs changing. Try getting one with wheels as that way you can pull it towards you without having to let go of your baby. You can keep wet wipes, cotton buds, nappy cream and nappies all in one easily accessible place. Also, keep a little comforter in there too to keep your baby occupied whilst you change them.

Don’t forget to create a space that’s also for you
You will spend a lot of time in the nursery looking after your baby, so it needs to be comfortable for you. A comfortable chair is a must-have, as you’ll find yourself sitting here at all hours of the night. Try to get a chair which is easy to clean and comes with armrests for when your arms get a little tired.

These tips are great for making sure your nursey is practical and organised, something which every parent will appreciate! If you have any more hints and tips, feel free to leave a comment as we love to hear them!