Tips & Tricks for Parents

Advice and tips for keeping your child safe from Coronavirus

17 Mar, 2020

Here are some top tips, to keep your children safe during this difficult time...

Look out for symptoms of Coronavirus
If your child has a fever (high temperature), cough, or trouble breathing, they may have Covid-19. Symptoms are very similar to those people have who are suffering from flu or a cold. The best thing to do is to ring NHS 111 who have a very clear triage process to identify at-risk patients. What you mustn’t do is to take your child to the GP or hospital (unless they are very unwell of course).

Stay Home
If your child is showing any symptoms they should remain in your home for 7 days. Family members should then stay at home 14 days from the day the first person got symptoms. Keep your child away from grandparents and anyone else who is showing signs of being unwell.

Personal Hygiene
Try and encourage good personal hygiene with your children and encourage them not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth. They should wash their hands with soap and water often, for at least 20 seconds. To try and make this more fun, the song Happy Birthday is about the same length of time. Long finger nails are a sneaky hiding place for bacteria, so clip them frequently.

Wash clothes more often
Try and wash you and your child’s clothes more frequently. You can buy antibacterial laundry cleansers to add to your wash that kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, even below 30 degrees.

Avoid Social Events
If your child shows any symptoms of Coronavirus they should avoid all social events and gatherings. From birthday parties, to soft-play and any other kid-centric activities.

Keep Hydrated
It is very important that your child keeps hydrated. If your child doesn’t want to drink or aren’t having regular, wet nappies, speak to a health professional for advice.

Stay Calm
Children react a lot to our anxiety, so it is important for parents to stay calm. If your child has questions about Coronavirus, answer them to the best of your knowledge and try to stay positive.

Try and Rest
It is important you and your children try and rest and get plenty of sleep. It is hard with all this uncertainty, but sleep is so important for your physical and mental health. Slumbersac baby sleeping bags promote safe sleeping for babies, toddlers and kids. If your child is suffering with a fever, Slumbersac sleeping bags ensure your child remains at a constant temperature, reducing the risk of them overheating. If you are worried, please refer to Slumbersac’s handy tog chart, for what your child should wear at night, depending on the room temperature.