Tips & Tricks for Parents

How to baby proof your house at Christmas

5 Dec, 2018

Fencing the Christmas tree:

The best trick is to put your Christmas tree in a corner or out of the way, that way you have a few walls working with you. Then around the parts that are still accessible for babies, create a ‘fence’. A good inexpensive way of doing this is by putting big boxes filled with heavy items such as books or clothing etc around the front of the tree to stop little ones grabbing at the tree. Or if you’d prefer to buy an actual baby gate or Christmas tree fence you can do that instead.

Christmas tree decorations:

Replace any metal or hooks used to hang your Christmas tree ornaments with ribbon or string instead. This is much safer for children if they do happen to get hold of one! We would suggest buying shatterproof ornaments for safety and avoiding ones such as glass. As well a good trick is to decorate the tree with lots of big bells, so if little hands do get hold of the tree you’ll be able to hear it immediately! Big ornaments in general will not be a choking hazard if children try to ‘taste’ the ornaments. 

Decorations for the living room or dining room:

If you have a mantelpiece or fireplace or bookshelves etc that you usually like to decorate, just ensure all decorations and ornaments are up high where children defiantly can’t reach to avoid accidents happening. 

Baby and children friendly decorations:

If you are a family who likes to have decorations that are okay for little ones to hold and play with, we suggest putting out cuddly Christmas toys. This way if children get hold of them it’s okay as they can carry them around and play with them, you just have to put them back at the end of the day!

If you have anymore ideas on ways to baby/toddler-proof your house this Christmas we’d love to hear them!