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Baking with Children

11 Apr, 2021

Baking is important for children

Baking together is not only fun, it is also very valuable for your child. Your little, hard-working helper will learn important things about the foods used, the taste and how they work together while mixing the ingredients. You can tell your helper about the different ingredients and explain to them why the textures change when for example they put an egg into the flour. A nice time together while baking is much more valuable than a flawless cake. It is important that your child can express their creativity and have fun. If you give them small tasks, your child will learn to take responsibility. Every successfully completed task strengthens their self-esteem at the same time. In this way, your little baking hour conveys love, warmth and security at the same time.

Tips for baking with children

To ensure your baking activity does not turn into chaos, there are a few things you can prepare for when planning and implementing. The first steps are always clear the work surfaces in the kitchen so that you have enough space to work on. You can also take ingredients such as eggs, milk or butter out of the fridge in advance and have the remaining ingredients ready so that you can start right away. In addition, you should choose a simple recipe to start with, for which you only need a few ingredients. Difficult and lengthy recipes can make your child lose their appetite for baking. At the beginning, for example, muffin recipes or simple sponge cakes are particularly good. It helps when the ingredients for the recipe don't have to be weighed to the nearest gram. If this should be necessary, you can do the weighing work and then pour it into the bowl and ask your darling to stir it.

Now the most fun part about baking with children is the decorating. With a little colour, a lemon cake quickly becomes an interesting zebra cake and even simple muffins can be turned into small masterpieces with icing and colourful sprinkles. Let your little pastry chef be creative to their hearts' content. Make sure as well that you dress your child in old clothes during baking as it can get quite messy! Perhaps make your child a cooking apron -with their own apron, they will feel like a little master chef in no time. If you want to bring even more zing into the kitchen while kneading and tasting, you can play your child's favourite music or typical baking songs and have a great sing-a-long!

The safety of your child should always be a priority when providing support in the kitchen. So always stay in the room while you’re baking with them. It is equally important that you praise your loved one for their support. While your masterpieces are baking in the oven, you can set the table together and make yourself comfortable with a warm cup of hot chocolate! Let us know what tasty treats you end up making!