Tips & Tricks for Parents

Planning your holiday with the kids

16 Feb, 2016

What do you pack?

Pack the essentials and pack as light as you can! There’s nothing worse than juggling babies in one hand and a mountain of bags in the other. Firstly, forget the kitchen sink, the 32 soft toys (but he loves them ALL!) and the 10 pairs of sandals (us? never!) and keep your packing to a minimum. Cut down your clothes to a selection of key items that you can mix or match. Take clothing that is easy to wash and won't get too creased. If you're going somewhere with washing facilities, that's great. If not, it's always worth taking some hand wash with you just in case, (we all know what kids are like!)

What about flying?

Flying with small children can install fear into the bravest of us, but don’t panic it’s not as bad as you think! Do these steps and you’ll be absolutely fine…

  1. Check the policies of your airline. Different carriers vary on how they transport equipment and what they'll do in the event of lost or damaged luggage. If you have a special travel bag for your pram, they are more likely to pay out in the event of damage.
    2. Time your flights well. Try and time your flight around the time your baby sleeps best. That ensures a peaceful journey for you and other passengers! Let's hope your child's peak sleeping time is in line with the cheapest available flights!
    3. Get ready to feed, suckle and entertain. Babies and toddlers may need food or a bottle to soothe them during flights, particularly during take-off and landing to avoid sore ears. Bigger kids will need a new iPad game, an entertaining book or a favourite toy to keep them happy during longer flights. 
    4. Have a plan B. It's important to "have a Plan B in everything". Extra nappies, a change of clothes, a wraparound baby carrier should always go in your hand luggage in case your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed.


Make sure you pick a holiday accommodation which caters for small children and babies. Sometimes the all-inclusive holidays work out best as they offer a huge range of activities and refreshments-which usually work out cheaper than buying everything separately. Try and make sure the accommodation is near to places you want to visit. There’s nothing worse than having to travel for ages on other transport-that will really irritate baby!

Have fun!

Lastly- have fun! If it’s your babies first holiday you want them to enjoy it and make amazng memeories you can look back on. It’s a special time for all the family-so be well prepared for anything and everything and you’re sured to have a fabulous time!