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Gift Ideas for Father's Day

9 Jun, 2021

Great Father's Day Ideas

Originally Father's Day comes from the USA. It was introduced there as a counterpart to Mother's Day and at some point was adopted around the world. On this special day, dad should also get a special present. If your child is still of primary school age, it is a good idea to do something together. The classic among Father's Day gifts is a homemade card. On this you can stick pictures of your family together or you let your child draw a great picture of themselves and dad with coloured pencils.

If your child can already write, you can help them write the text together and then transfer it to the card. You can write text, such as "Dad, I love you very much" or "You are the best dad in the world". Make sure to put it in block capitals to really scream it - dad will be sure to love this!

On the day, you can first let dad sleep in and then surprise him with breakfast in bed. He will be just as happy about the catering with delicious coffee, toast and various spreads as he will be about the self-made card and a long cuddle session with your darling.

If that's not enough for you, you can also give him a self-painted mug as a Father's Day present. A good idea is to copy the handprint of your little darling onto the cup almost as if it were framed and add some text like “Greatest dad in the world” and “Dad, you are my / our number 1.” This will surely put a smile on his face.

After a walk together or a trip to dad's favourite place, you can help dad by baking his favourite cake while he is relaxing on the sofa or in the garden. If your child is already a bit older, they can help too by melting the chocolate for the cake or setting the table.

Of course, dad doesn’t have to lift a finger in the evening either. You can ask him in advance if he has a special dinner request and then conjure up his favourite dish for him. Or you can go to his favourite restaurant together and let yourself be pampered - this way you can enjoy the time together even more.

Together you can give dad a wonderful Father's Day that he will remember fondly.