Tips & Tricks for Parents

Summer activities for babies and children

12 Jul, 2016

Go fishing- Head towards your local river or lake and take the kids fishing. It’s a relaxing past time with a great opportunity for quality time.

Take a family road trip. Have you ever played that game when you all jump in the car and each take in turns saying left or right – you never know where you’ll end up! Could find that hidden gem!

Go to the beach- it’s a free and fun day out for everyone! Fingers cross if you get the weather, spend the day building sand castles, but remember to apply sun cream for young children!

Go to the zoo, if you’re lucky enough to have a zoo located near you this is a great family day out. Your little ones will love looking at animals, especially if they’ve never been before. And trust me, they will definitely come out with a new favourite animal! Zoo’s often have special activities planned for young children so it’s worth looking up the daily timetable to maximise your fun. Ticket prices for zoo’s can be quite expensive so it’s worth looking around for some family deals.

Camp in your own back garden. That’s right Dad, grab that tent from out the loft and set it up right outside your door step! Young children LOVE camping, and if you’ve got the space, why not save the hassle of driving to a camp site and pop it up in your own garden. It’s a great option for young children who might not be ready to spend a night in the woods.

Visit your local playground. A children’s playground is a great place for your child to meet new children and have fun with people their own age. It’s also a fab way to burn off energy so you can be sure they’ll sleep well that night!

Visit a theme park- there’s nothing more thrilling than rollercoasters and big slides, so for all those adrenaline junkies out there this is your perfect solution.

Go for a bike ride- If it’s a nice day, so for a long bike ride with the family. Now you can get bikes with special baby seats so your younger children don’t have to feel left out.

Have a picnic down your local park. Here’s the chance to buy all your child’s favourite foods- trust me it’s the only way to keep them happy. Go for a walk afterwards or play in the park.

Make a treasure hunt- this simple yet effective past time will keep the kids occupied all day! Hide chocolate golden coins outside and give them cue cards with hints on where they’re hidden. Time to get creative mum and dad!

Finger and feet painting outside- Get a long real of white paper and a lot of coloured paint. Pour each colour in different pots and let your little ones get creative. Here they can dip their hands and feet into the paint and walk or crawl along the paper- just remember to wash them off before they come inside!