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What Mums REALLY want for Mother’s Day

3 Feb, 2018

A Lie-In

This Mother’s Day wish is a given! Which mum wouldn’t want a well-deserved lie-in on Mother’s Day?! A few extra hours sleep would be any mother’s wish come true!

Breakfast in Bed

Imagine a morning where you not only get some extra hours sleep, but when you do wake from your slumber you are presented with a delicious breakfast in bed, no wait, make that Champagne breakfast in bed! Scrambled egg, sausages, bacon, the works, that would be divine, but who are we kidding? We would just settle for a slice of toast and a lovely cup of tea!

No House Work

If you can get away with a day of not having to do any housework whatsoever, it should be on Mother’s Day! The household chores should be shared among the family on this special day. No vacuuming, no washing up, no cooking and certainly no nappy changes!

A Homemade Gift

It would be truly lovely to receive a nice homemade gift from the kids on Mother’s Day. A homemade card, a painted egg – just something your child has taken the effort to make, just for you, is sure to melt any Mum’s heart on Mother’s Day!

A Spa Day

We would of course love a homemade gift, but a spa day would be truly wonderful! A day away from the children where you can enjoy some peace of quiet, a lovely lunch, a relaxing massage and facial. True bliss!

A Babysitter

A babysitter for the evening so you can enjoy a romantic dinner out with your other half would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift. Sometimes in all the chaos of being a mum you can forget about your significant other, so it would be lovely to enjoy a couple of hours, just the two of you.

Lots of Cuddles

What Mum doesn’t want to be bombarded with hugs and kisses on Mother’s Day! A huge hug and ‘I love you Mum’ from the children would make us smile from ear to ear and give us affirmation that we are great and do a fabulous job!

A Relaxing Bath

A relaxing, hot bath would be the perfect end to a wonderful Mother’s Day. Make that a relaxing hot bath that you have had prepared for you. You walk into the bathroom and are greeted by a glass of wine, candles, music and your favourite magazine to read!