Baby Sleep

  1. Sleeping Tips for New Parents

    Sleeping Tips for New Parents

    Sleep deprivation is the worst. It’s 3am and your baby is crying and so are you because you are so tired and wondering if things will ever get back to normal. Life as a new parent is tough, so we are here to help with a few sleeping tips that could help get your sanity back.
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  2. Creating the Perfect Sleeping Environment For Your Baby

    Creating the Perfect Sleeping Environment For Your Baby

    When it comes to babies, sleep (or the lack of) is one of the most talked-about subjects between parents. If your baby doesn’t sleep then, unfortunately, you don’t sleep much either. Sleep problems can occur for many different reasons and you may feel at a loss, but we want to help. Here are a few hints and tips on how to create the perfect sleeping environment for your baby.


    Just like adults, babies will struggle to sleep if the temperature is either too hot or too cold, especially as they can’t regulate their body temperature like adults can. It’s suggested that your baby’s room should be at about 16-20°C for a much more comfortable night’s sleep. A Slumbersac Sleeping Bag is a great way to help maintain your baby’s body temperature throughout the night without the use of additional blankets, and it’s much safer too.


    When your baby was in

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