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Healthy baby sleep is also a big and important topic that concerns many parents, especially in the early days: In addition to informative articles and expert tips, our Slumbersac blog also answers the most common questions parents have about baby sleep and Slumbersac products.

You can find our practical guide on the subject of "SAFE AND HEALTHY SLEEP FOR BABIES, CHILDREN AND PARENTS". 

It's important to remember every child is different and will develop at different speeds. Here are some tips to help give your child the best start in life:



  1. How children dream

    How children dream

    On average, an adult spends a third of their life sleeping. Children snooze even more - and sometimes have correspondingly vivid dreams. The following blog tells you how children dream.

    sleeping baby

    Children already dream in the womb

    Experts assume that unborn babies already have dreams in the womb, but these are still “empty”, as growing babies show eye movements that also occur in the important REM sleep phase. Doctors were able to demonstrate these REM phases as early as the 24th week of pregnancy. Dreaming is therefore already important for unborn children in order to process stimuli and sensations in the womb.

    How babies and toddlers dre

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  2. Why does sleep help my baby with infections?

    Why does sleep help my baby with infections?

    Your baby cries a lot, is difficult to soothe, their eyes are red and they cough and sneeze. An infection occurs much more frequently in small children than in adults, since their immune system still has to develop. In addition to medication, one thing above all can help them get better: enough sleep.

    baby sleeping

    That is why sleep is the best medicine for your child

    You probably know the saying “sleep is the best medicine”. This also applies to the health of your baby. Because while it sleeps, it not only processes the experiences of the day and stores important information, but also many regeneration and healing processes take place in its small body and

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