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Our Slumbersac blog is all about helping your family. We have put together a lot of useful TIPS & TRICKS FOR PARENTS. You will find valuable advice and helpful information on topics such as pregnancy, baby milestones and development, nutrition and health, baby and childcare, activity ideas for children, and much much more.

Healthy baby sleep is also a big and important topic that concerns many parents, especially in the early days: In addition to informative articles and expert tips, our Slumbersac blog also answers the most common questions parents have about baby sleep and Slumbersac products.

You can find our practical guide on the subject of "SAFE AND HEALTHY SLEEP FOR BABIES, CHILDREN AND PARENTS". 

It's important to remember every child is different and will develop at different speeds. Here are some tips to help give your child the best start in life:



  1. Does it have to be dark in my child’s room?

    Does it have to be dark in my child’s room?

    It's bedtime, but your child just can't get to sleep This can of course happen from time to time, but you should act if such sleep problems occur more frequently, because restful sleep is particularly important for the development of your child. Possible disruptive factors can be different light sources. But does it really have to be dark in your child's room for them to sleep well?

    Bedtime story time

    Darkness creates an optimal sleeping environment

    Various studies have found that even small amounts of light can disrupt your child's healthy sleep. This is because the human brain has adapted to the rising and setting of the sun. It becomes active at sunrise

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  2. Baby Sleep In The First Year - What You Should Know About It

    Baby Sleep In The First Year - What You Should Know About It

    Like walking, your baby has yet to learn how to sleep. This doesn’t happen overnight, but rather in small stages and development steps. In general, babies have individually different sleeping habits. However, there are some “typical” development steps that we would like to introduce to you in more detail below.

    Baby yawning

    This is how much sleep babies need in the first few months

    Are you wondering how much sleep babies really need in the first few months of life? Then the following information can offer you an idea. However, since these are only averages, it’s possible for this to vary, so there’s no need to worry if your baby sleeps one to two ho

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