B1G1 study tour Cambodia 2017 - DAY 3

Child’s Dream - Playground building

Today we visited the charity 'Child‘s Dream‘. Their mission is to empower marginalised communities to shape their own futures. They achieve this by working with communities to improve healthcare and education for children and provide socio-economic opportunities for families.

The charity's plan is to build 10 playgrounds in schools in poor rural areas this year, because this encourages children to come to school and reduces the drop out rate considerably. Each playground costs $8,000 to build and the metal frames are made by local craftsmen. They used to build them from wood which is cheaper, but with the high humidity and rainy season they didn‘t last very long.

All tour members helped to build a playground for a primary school today. We had lots of little helpers, who enjoyed their day off school, building their new playground with us. We handed out old t-shirts so that the children wouldn’t ruin their school uniform. We were digging holes, pouring concrete for the foundations, setting up swings, seasaws and slides and painting them too. The kids loved their new playground and were playing on it as soon as it was finished. We had lunch with the children and teachers followed by some classroom activities, which involved teaching them basic English and singing the popular nursery rhyme 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes‘. It was remarkable how quickly the children learned the song!

It was a physically exhausting day working in the intense heat and sun, but it was all worth it and we were rewarded by many beautiful smiling, happy children.

Impact: by attending the study tour everyone has given 5 children access to a fun playground.