Katie, mum of our Slumbersac Baby of the Year Leif, recently sent us an update and it looks like Leif has been very busy little chap!

“Leif is a very nosey boy and has to be watching what everyone else is doing,” says Mum. “If he’s having his bottle it’ll take twice as long as he’ll be trying to turn round the watch the telly! He’s come along way with his rolling over really must have eyes on him at all times now. He’s determined to stand up when you hold him and even moves his legs like he’s running when he’s watching his big sister and big brother running around.”

Picture of Leif, Slumbersac Baby of the Year

There was also an important event for Leif and family this month. “We celebrated Leif’s big sister Eyla’s 4th birthday, which he loved! He loved watching the all the balloons and was laughing at Eyla getting excited about opening her presents. He tried stealing some birthday cake, but when told he was still too little he got upset.” Happy belated birthday, Eyla!

Not only that, but Leif also said his first word! “We were having a Frozen themed picnic for our daughter in our garden as part of her birthday celebrations and as we were sitting down having a spot of lunch, Leif just randomly said “Mum!” really loud and really clear as day!” Proud my Katie says. “Mummy is obviously very happy to be his first word, as with Leif’s big sister and big brother their first words were ‘dog’ and ‘da da’.”

Katie and Leif are getting lots of sleep too by the sounds of it! “Leif is an excellent sleeper he’ll have his last bottle about 7pm then he’ll sleep through the night till 7.30/8.00am!” Katie tells us. “He went about a week where he woke at 11pm for a small bottle, but he was going through a growth spurt. Leif sleeps in his Slumbersac sleep bags, which make a massive difference to his sleep. He sleeps in his muslin sleep bag at night and it is fantastic! It keeps him nice and warm, yet he never gets too hot, even on very hot nights! There’s plenty of room too so he’s never squished. I found with some other brands they could be very tight around the chest area as Leif is a chunky baby, but these have the right amount of room and lots of comfort.”

Thanks for the update Katie, we look forward to hearing more about Leif next month!