It’s 2 am and you’re lying in bed, desperately tired but you can’t sleep because you’re on edge, waiting for the slightest noise that would indicate that your baby is awake again. You daren’t move for fear of waking your bundle of joy and you’re hoping against hope that you’ll manage to grab at least a couple of hours’ sleep so that you’ll be able to make it through the day. If this sounds familiar, then you’re probably one of the surprisingly large number of parents of young children who are sleep deprived.

We all know that not getting enough sleep can be an unpleasant experience. The day after a bad night, you’re yawning and constantly thinking about that moment when you can finally crash onto your bed and get some rest. But sleep deprivation over a sustained period of time, as some unfortunate mums and dads have to suffer, can be genuinely debilitating. After just a few nights of poor sleep, a parent might experience a whole range of problems, including poor decision making, a loss of physical and mental co-ordination, depression, as well as relationship problems – not to mention that fact that an exhausted parent does not make a good parent!

My wife and I were lucky enough to avoid the worst of these sleep issues, although we still suffered more than we needed to. Our son was still waking every night demanding milk long after he really needed it, but it had become an ingrained habit. Looking back, I wish that we’d grasped the nettle and stopped his night waking earlier. When we did, it only took two or three days to get our son into a new routine that involved him sleeping through (well, till 5ish any way!) and us rediscovering the joy of being fully rested again. OK, there were tears along the way and we could have probably done a better job of planning the whole thing (for example not doing it when we had friends coming to stay), but it was all most definitely worthwhile.

Of course it’s not always as straightforward as it was for us, as we know only too well at Slumbersac. One of the major benefits of our sleep sacks is that they contribute to better sleep for babies, but we also know that for some people it can still be a very real problem that has a huge effect of quality of life for the whole family. So we decided that we would try to do something to help! We’ve teamed up with sleep expert Eve Squires of Calm and Bright to create a new area of our website called the Sleep Centre. In the Sleep Centre, you will find loads of great advice and tips on subjects such as getting baby to sleep through the night and giving up dummy dependency. We expect to launch the Sleep Centre in the next few weeks – We are very excited by this and will be posting updates on our Facebook page and Twitter feed to keep you up to date! We genuinely hope that it will help all of the involuntary insomniacs amongst you to conquer your problem and finally get some well-earned sleep!

Have you experienced sleep problems? Did you manage to beat them or are you still stuck in the cycle of exhaustion? Please feel free to share your experiences with us using the form below. As always, we love to hear from you!