Day 2 Rhonda Slums

Following our incredible visit to Aberdare Rangers Primary School and New Canaan Village, I was very excited about Day 2 of our journey, visiting more projects managed by ‘So They Can’ in Nakuru.

We drove to one of the biggest slums Rhonda — an informal settlement in Nakuru with mud-thatched houses squeezed next to each other. Most of these residents are extremely poor due to lack of employment, poor infrastructure and sanitation.

‘So They Can’ started supporting its Primary School 6 months ago. The school has 1,200 students and 24 teachers. A lot of the students suffer from malnutrition as their parents can’t afford food, due to the high levels of unemployment. It was sad seeing the poverty stricken fmailies. The clothes they were wearing were muddy and torn and a lot of them suffered from illness.

It was a very emotional day. We played with all of the children who were so happy to see us and thanked us for our help and support. Each of us were surrounded by at least 30 children, who wanted to hold our hands and play. They didnt want us to leave and to be honest I didnt either!

We visited another school, with 800 students, located near to a rubbish site. The school has a special facility for blind students, which also live there. It was sad to hear that only 10% of parents could afford school lunch for their children. The rest don’t get a meal at school and so search the rubbish dump every day trying to find something to eat. Hearing this made me realise how important these projects are in giving families the nutrition and education they deserve. No one deserves to live like this. ‘So They Can’ is bringing so much change to struggling communities, giving them a brighter and better future.