Day 5 Mango Tree Projects

The Mango Tree is a non-profit organisation that supports orphans, vulnerable children and their communities in Africa by supporting and funding programmes that nurture and improve lives, promote self reliance and create independence.

They started in 2007 and since then it has supported around 4700 orphans and vulnerable children as well as local rural families.

Thanks to the project many childten have now graduated from a range of training colleges and universities and are now in employment, meaning their can provide and support their families.

We visited one of their farms where they are planting mango trees. They have cleverly grafted local mangos with exotic mangos, resulting in bigger fruits, providing them with a bigger income. Giving just one mango to a family means they can plant its seeds, resulting in a sustainable income that will last them a few years.

They are also establishing fish farming for women and producing honey for beekeeping.

Later that day we drove to a small village to find out more about B1G1’s Goat Project. A goat can make a huge difference to a Kenyan family. They can sell anti-HIV goats milk and goats meet and in the long term, the production of other products such as soap, cheese and yoghurt, which they can sell at local markets for additional income. So far, Slumbersac has given 40 goats to families in need.

We also had an emotional visit to the house of a widow, who is looking after 9 orphans. Her own son and daughter are now able to go to university thanks to the help and support of the Mango Tree Project. Mango Tree projects are changing the lives of families by building greater confidence, social responsibility and providing the skills and knowledge necessary for communities to recover from the collapse of the rural economy.

Elke and I had the most incredible experience in Kenya. It is proof that businesses really can have the power to change lives. We have seen this first hand and are so glad that Slumbersac is part of B1G1. Every time you buy a Slumbersac product, you are bettering the lives of those less fortunate and giving them a future.