Giving your little one a bath should be fun and relaxing for both you and your baby and it makes for a perfect bonding experience. 

Here are some tips on how you can keep your baby as safe as possible as you both enjoy their bath time.

1. Keep baby close to you at all times

Even as your baby gets older, it is never safe to leave them alone in the bath. As well as the danger of the water, they might grab hold of something or slip and knock their head. Bring everything you need with you into the bathroom before you put your baby in the water. After their bath, keep them close to you with our NEW Mama & Baby apron bath towel. The design means that both of your hands are free, so you can easily lift the towel, place the hood over your baby’s head and cuddle them dry. It also means you avoid getting wet too, so you can both enjoy a fun and dry bath time! Watch our video below!

2. Keep the water at a comfortable temperature

Babies can get cold easily, so use a bath thermometer to keep the water at about 37 degrees (babies prefer cooler baths than we do). Swirl the water to make sure there are no hot spots, and remember to keep the bathroom at a comfortable temperature too.

3. Babyproof your bathtub

There are plenty of ways you can baby proof your bath. Laying down an anti-slip mat and putting rubber covers on the taps can put your mind at ease whilst bathing your little one. 

4. Only run a shallow bath

Your baby’s bath should be nice and shallow (about three to four inches deep). To keep your baby warm, you can gently pour jugs of warm water over them as they bathe.

5. Don’t rush it

As your baby gets older, bathtime will form an important part of their bedtime routine. I’d advise you to always try to set aside half an hour for your baby’s bath, so that you can both enjoy precious, unhurried time together.

6. Dry them properly

Once your baby has had enough of their bath, it’s time to dry them off and make them cosy. Our Slumbersac hooded bath ponchos are perfect for this, as the soft, absorbent terry cotton keeps them nice and warm after their bath. We’ve also launched two NEW designs in Fire Engine and Red Apple.

To find out more about our hooded bath ponchos and other specialist baby products, contact us at Slumbersac today.