Have you got a baby on the way? Or know of a pregnant friend who is planning a baby shower very soon but are stuck on what to bring as a gift? Don’t panic, with our list of practical- yet adorable gifts, every mum-to-be will want you at their baby shower. Gather your girlfriends, cut the cake and feast your eyes on these cute baby shower gift ideas for new mums.

10. Closet dividers- new mums will want to be very organised when it comes to their babies clothes and with closet dividers, mums can sort out and match up what clothes are in what sizes.

9. A baby travel wrap- great for wrapping up a newborn baby on the move. With a travel wrap it eliminates the need for blankets or other covers when on the move with your baby. It keeps them warm and cosy.

8. Baby shoes! No baby can ever have too many shoes, which is why this makes a perfect gift. There are so many colours and designs out there! 

7. Baby bibs- every parent needs more than 1 baby bib, as they get dirty so quickly with a newborn! I’m sure any mums would appreciate some spares! 

6. A baby changing bag- these can be quite expensive depending on which brand you get but they are so useful to have! You would be fulfilling any new mums dreams by buying her one of these!

5. Baby’s first library basket- here you can compile a list of books that you think that newborn baby will love. Why not buy them a collection from a particular author?

4. Bath time gifts- a newborn baby might not like the feel of a bath which is why sometimes they need certain toys to help entertain them to take their mind off it.

3. A personalized item. If you know the name of your baby or will know the name of your friend’s baby, a personalized product adds that special touch. Who doesn’t love their baby’s name on their baby’s clothes or toys?

2. A baby comforter. A baby comforter is brilliant at keeping a newborn baby amused for hours. With the tactile and colourful ribbons it’s a great way to stimulate a baby’s brain. They will enjoy snuggling up to it at night as well.

1. A baby sleeping bag. What better way to surprise a friend by giving them a beautiful baby sleeping bag! This will ensure their little one sleeps peacefully at night at a consistent temperature. Baby sleeping bags come in a range of different go eights depending on the season and temperature. If you don’t know the gender, keep it neutral with whites, creams and browns or go bold with red, pinks and greens!

If anyone has any other gifts that they think a newborn baby will love, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below any ideas you have…