Remember, Remember the 5th of November! Bonfire night has arrived and it's a time for wrapping up warm, watching a firework display, and eating lots of candyfloss (both you and your toddler)! It’s also a time for showing your kids how to be around fireworks safely. So, whether you have a baby or a toddler, here are some tips for a fun and safe bonfire night.

Be careful with sparklers

Kids love playing with sparklers on bonfire night, but do make sure they are doing so safely. Really, sparklers shouldn’t be given to children under five. If your toddler does want to have a go at making pretty patterns, then always supervise them. They should wear gloves to protect their hands, and need to hold the sparkler away from their face, clothes and hair.

Protect their ears

Fireworks are amazingly loud for adults, and, for babies, they are probably the loudest thing they will ever have heard. So it’s important to protect their little ears on bonfire night. If you are watching a firework display from your garden, then you could stand inside with the baby and enjoy the colours from the window, so that the noise is lessened. Or, if you are taking them out to a display, then use earmuffs to reduce the loud bangs and cracks.

Keep them warm

If you are taking your baby or toddler out on bonfire night, then you can keep them warm and comfortable by putting them in a Slumbersac Travel Bag. These bags fits snuggly and securely into a pram so that you can push them along happily while they enjoy the colours and sparkles of the fireworks. The practical design means that, if your little one gets spooked by the loud bangs or crackles, you can simply reach into the pram and pick them up for a cuddle – no fuss or extra layers needed. And, if they happen to fall asleep while you are out they will get a safe and cosy slumber.

By November, things are getting a little chilly. So, even if you’re not venturing out with your little one this bonfire night, you may like to put them in a higher-tog sleeping bag to ensure they are snug. A 3.5-tog Slumbersac sleeping bag is perfect in winter as it keeps cold out, without compromising on breathability and comfort. Put your baby or toddler in their winter-weight sleeping bag, dim the lights and enjoy the peace and quiet as they sleep soundly – warm and happy. Slumbersac also have a great range of 2.5 tog and 3.5 tog sleeping bags with sleeves, keeping them extra cosy! 

Slumbersac’s sleeping bags are designed by mums to keep your little one happy and safe while they snooze – whether it’s bonfire night or just a normal day. For more information or to view our special sleeping bags for babies, toddlers and children, please visit our website.