There’s no denying that part of the fun of having a baby is dressing them in cute and comfortable clothes. With so many high street and online stores offering a limitless choice of styles, colours and prints, it’s easy to dress your bundle of joy in whatever look you most like, (let’s face it, it’s your choice as your baby isn’t going to complain and if they do you won’t understand what they are trying to say)!

I bought a mini mountain of cute rompers and sleepsuits adorned with frills and embroidered animals before my little girl was born. I thought that if I shopped ‘smart’ by buying bigger sizes in the sales, she would soon grow into them. Then at 6 weeks old, a routine hip scan at our local children’s hospital revealed that my beautiful daughter had hip dysplasia and she was placed into a Pavlik Harness for treatment straight away.

She had to wear this contraption of straps and velcro 24 hours a day for 6 weeks. It couldn’t get wet, so baths weren’t an option. Plus, the odd shape of the harness made feeding and even cuddling her difficult and to add insult to injury none of the clothes I had bought her could fit over the harness.

The kind nurse at the hospital showed me how to cut up the side of body vests and cut the legs off of my daughter’s pretty sleepsuits so that she could leave the hospital wearing some clothing. But the thought of ruining all those lovely new clothes, which could never be used again, left me feeling very upset.

As a result of my daughter’s diagnosis I decided to design and create a range of clothes specifically for babies with hip dysplasia. No longer would parents have to leave the hospital, not just in shock with the unexpected diagnosis, but worrying how they were going to dress their baby during treatment.

Hip-Pose is now helping parents with children being treated with hip dysplasia across the world. I’m delighted that Hip-Pose has now joined the Slumbersac family, as even more families will be able to benefit from these award-winning clothes.

Hip-Pose clothing is designed to fit over the treatment aid, keeping it hidden and clean. Babies are more comfortable as the clothes fit them properly and parents are happy that they can go about daily life more easily during their child’s treatment.
The clothes are the same as regular UK baby clothing sizes. If your baby was in 0-3 months clothes before diagnosis, 0-3 months Hip-Pose clothes would fit perfectly.

We don’t size by weight or length of baby (as some regular clothing brands do), as this is not a useful way of measuring due to the position baby is in in their cast or harness. Hip-Pose clothes are professionally made - just like ‘regular’ clothing - from high quality, soft, baby safe cotton fabric, which washes perfectly.

A baby in Hip-Pose clothes just looks like any other baby in their new outfit, helping parents get on with all the fun things they should be doing and not worrying about how to dress their Hip Kid!

Check out our fantastic range of Hip-Pose clothing on Slumbersac's website!