Our latest blog entry has been written by my colleague Elke Kramer, who kindly stepped in to help me out as I’m currently a bit snowed under at the moment (appropriately for the time of year, I suppose!) Thanks Elke!

It’s already the end of November again, and I had hoped to be finished with Christmas shopping by this time. But like every year, I haven’t even started yet. The older my children get, the more difficult it is to find decent gifts. Actually, that’s not quite true, there are many gifts that I would like to buy for my kids, but there are substantial differences between a parent’s idea of a good present and what a child wants! Several weeks before Christmas, our boys start preparing their wish lists. They study various toy catalogues with great enthusiasm and concentration, and their lists quickly get longer and longer. And then it's up to me to decide what to buy from the lists. It seems to be a law of nature that the older the child, the more expensive the presents they want. My eight-year old has asked for a games console, a tablet PC, a mobile phone and several other technical gadgets. Every time I tell him no, because of his age, he responds angrily and with tears in his eyes “All of my friends are allowed it, except for me!” This, of course, is not true but it’s a great way to make me feel guilty!

It’s not easy to find the right balance. On the one hand, nowadays kids have to learn to handle modern technology quite early, but on the other hand, I love to see my kids playing with real toys and interacting with each other - plus I don’t want to blindly follow every new consumer trend! So far, my husband and I haven’t been able to decide on gifts for our boys yet and as a result, the Christmas shopping will probably be done last minute - and of course it will be my job to do it, just like every year! In addition to the gifts on the wish list, we like to buy some clothes, usually something special that they normally wouldn’t get, and of course a few books to balance out the toys, which are already stacked high everywhere in our house (I love books, and still hope to get my boys to show enthusiasm for reading!) We also have to get gifts for our boys on behalf of their grandparents, and aunts and uncles ... the list goes on and on ...

Once I’ve decided what to buy, what remains is to do the shopping itself. During the week there is no time because of my job and looking after the kids. At weekends the car parks are packed by 10 in the morning, so you know that’s not going to be any fun! Like many people, I end up doing a lot of my shopping online as it’s more convenient, there’s more choice and I can usually get it delivered in time. If your little one is still a baby and too young for tearing open the wrapping paper or even to realise that it’s Christmas, you can still give a first Christmas gift that’s fun and even useful, too. All babies love cuddly toys, and clothes are a great standby too. Slumbersac sleeping bags also make a perfect Christmas gift, combining practicality, quality, comfort and safety. We offer a wide choice of designs and colours in six generous sizes to fit babies from birth to children up to 10 years. By adding name embroidery, you can make each sleeping bag special and personal. Also great for babies are our Slumbertag baby comforters. Little ones are simply fascinated by the tags and just love to see, feel and hold them! Then there’s our gift sets and our cosy winter booties too!  So why not avoid the hectic Christmas crowds altogether and order on-line?

We will deliver directly to your front door and if you order by the dates below, you can be sure of delivery in time for the big day!

Standard free delivery: 17th December

First Class delivery: 19th December 12 noon

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