The drop in temperature has a variety of effects within the household; primarily it can result in the indoor temperature dropping, resulting in many households putting the heating on at a higher temperature for longer periods. However increasing the heating can cause a range of implications; one of the main issues is it reduces the amount of moisture within the air. Breathing dry air has 4 effects on our bodies; primarily it affects our airways causing irritation and inflammation as well as making our lips chapped, skin becoming dry and can even cause our nose to bleed. Not only does having the heating on constantly cause health issues with the rising costs in energy supplies it is no longer viable to have the heating on 24/7.

New-born babies and toddlers are not able to regulate their body temperature like adults and it is essential to make sure their body temperature does not go below 35°C. Choosing bedding is essential and should be done with care, it is not recommended to place loose blankets onto the baby during the night time. A solution to this are our new Down Sleeping Bags; they guarantee your child a safe night sleep during the cold months. It is filled with 100% natural duck down to provide warmer insulation due to its ability to maintain air between each feather. The warm temperature released from the baby’s body will create a pocket of air that insulates to help maintain warmth. At the same time the filling is breathable and provides the optimal thermal regulation due to the natural microclimate properties of down.

Our Slumbersac down sleeping bags come in 3 beautiful designs and are made from high quality 100% cotton chambray with pretty print designs and are lined with 100% cotton. The bags are filled with 100% soft duck down and have multiple stitching to hold the down in place.

All of the designs are available in 4 sizes- starting from birth to 3 years old, and as a sleeping bag with a length of 130cm for children aged 3-6 years. The bags are designed slightly different to suit the needs of the babies, the size 70cm and 90cm have poppers on the shoulder as well as a closable air slot on the side and a side zipper which can be left open at the bottom for ventilation. Sizes 110cm and 130cm have a zipper in the middle for accessibility and an extra zipper at the bottom to allow for ventilation.

To avoid the risk of overheating your baby we recommend using the down sleeping bags for room temperature under 15°c. Our sleeping bags are perfect for use in a buggy during the extremely cold temperatures and whilst taking the little one for a stroll you can add an additional blanket.

Please note down sleeping bags require to be tumble dried. Our product includes 2 FREE dryer balls required for tumble drying.