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Like many parents, you probably don’t want to go anywhere except home with your new baby. They need a lot of attention and feeds, so travelling long distances and going on holiday can be difficult to manage. What’s more is you’re probably feeling exhausted too. But enjoyable travel is possible and needed, so we have some tips to help things go as smoothly as possible for you.

Before flying

  • Pack several small novel toys and books that your child hasn’t seen before. The best bets for travel books at this age are ones with lift-the-flaps or touch-and-feel textures. Consider swapping toys with a friend so your child has something new and exciting without buying more toys.

  • Dress your baby for quick and easy nappy changes. Our Slumbersac Travel bags come with a two-way zip which will give you quick access to your child’s nappy without removing socks, shoes, pants etc.

  • Avoid peak-time flights.You will have more space, more air, more personal service and a nicer experience all round on a half-empty flight. Since fares vary according to demand, you are also likely to pay less for it.

  • Think twice about pre-boarding. The thought of being settled early in your seats might sound ideal but remember you’ll have to entertain your baby from your seat whilst everyone else boards (on top of the rest of the travel time). The best idea is to walk around the terminal as much as possible to tire them out before take-off.

During flight

  • Come armed with your child’s favourite low-mess snacks. The pureed foods sold in a tube are great for travel – older babies and toddlers can suck them right out of the tube, saving you the trouble of messing with a spoon.

  • Babies and young children do not know how to clear their ears to reduce the pressure during take-off and landing. Unless your child is asleep, you will need to help them. For older children, gum is a good aid. For babies, nursing, a bottle or a dummy will work fine. In addition to helping with ear pressure, milk is a mild sedative, so feeding your child can set the stage for drifting off to sleep.

  • Use technology. No shame in entertaining your child with a film or a new app to get you through a long flight. iPad’s are great for this as they are really portable and small so less to juggle with when you have a baby to look after.

  • Slumbersac travel bags are great for moving your child off the plane into the terminal. There is no need to undress them once they are in their sleeping bags and you can pop them straight into their pram without any hassle.

After flight

  • If you're going down the hotel route, always check for special family deals, from discounted rates to free meals for children; many international chains offer these. Most hotels and guesthouses provide breakfast, but unless it's included in the room rate, it's often a waste of money for children, particularly if they only eat a piece of bread or a bowl of cereal.

  • Hand-held carrycots are superb for babies small enough to carry when on the move, and can double up as a bed, too. Although some hotels offer beds for babies, they're often pretty poor, with saggy mattresses and no shields to prevent babies from falling out. It's better to play safe and bring your own.

If anyone has any other tips which parents would find useful please comment below your thoughts!