We had great fun filming our Slumbersac Christmas video. We filmed it at Slumbersac's founder Karina Grassy's house and it features her sausage dog Lottie and our little superstar Hugo, who we think you'll agree, is absolutely gorgeous!

Slumbersac Sleeping Bags with Feet give toddlers the freedom to move around while still enjoying the comfort of their sleeping bag. They keep your little ones toes nice and cosy during the night and then when they wake up they simply poke their feet through the holes and they are ready to start the day!

On Christmas Eve get them ready for bed nice and early in their Sleeping Bag with Feet, put a carrot and some sherry on the mantelpiece for Father Christmas, read a festive bedtime story together and then when you're ready to put them down you don't need to re-dress them. 

We hope you enjoyed our 'Free their Feet' Christmas video. Everytime we watch it, we feel all warm and fuzzy! For more great gift ideas read our 'Festive Gift Guide.'

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!