Slumbersac believes in caring for those around us, especially the young. Our company ethos is to keep children safe and give parents peace of mind.

We work very closely with world organisation B1G1 and other charities close to our heart, to help keep pregnant mothers and newborn babies safe and healthy. Recently we sent 5 pallets of our sleeping bags to Moldova, Europe’s poorest country situated between Ukraine and Romania. Largely an agricultural society, employment opportunities are difficult - and any opportunities for those with a disability are even harder. Our sleeping bags were given to mothers and children living in Transnistria, a small, poverty stricken area in Moldova frozen in time as it harks back to the days of communism. We were overjoyed to receive photos from ChildAid of the families enjoying the comfort and safety of their Slumbersac sleeping bags.

Martin Wilcox, Director of ChildAid, sent us this heart-warming message:
“The families living in Transnistria fight for survival every day – the warmth that you have brought can literally keep families together rather than having to give their babies to the State as they cannot keep them warm enough! Thank you for such amazing generosity.”

This has really touched our hearts and we would like to thank each and every one of you who has bought from us, because your purchase of one Slumbersac sleeping bag, helps change the lives of those less fortunate. 

 Giving Sleeping Bags to Children in Moldova