What a fabulous hot and sunny summer we’ve had here in the UK, but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end. As the strength of the summer sun starts to fade, days will turn colder and the nights will start drawing in earlier, there’s a pleasure in breaking out the pullovers and doubling up in layers. Of course, the key to enjoying Autumn is making sure that you and you’re child are equipped for the weather so it’s time to think about changing your baby’s sleeping bag to a higher tog.


Here at Slumbersac we have a range of different tog weight sleeping bags to ensure your child a peaceful and comfortable nights sleep, whatever the temperature. As Autumn creeps up on us, it’s worth considering packing away your baby’s summer sleeping bag and changing to one of our All Year Round sleeping bags to ensure they stay nice and warm throughout the night. Our 2.5 tog sleeping bags are ideal for room temperatures between 15-21 degrees.


Just launched are Slumbersac’s all year sleeping bags with feet with detachable sleeves. The long sleeves are detachable with press-studs and have slightly lighter padding than the rest of the sleeping bag, allowing toddlers to move their arms freely without restricting them. If you feel your toddler is too warm, you can simply remove the sleeves and then when needed, you can re-attach them again, making the sleeping bag a real multi-functional product that can be used in a variety of temperatures, at home or on the go!


Have you prepared your child for the upcoming colder evenings? Take a look at our all year round sleeping bags here https://bit.ly/2L3kH9W