It is completely natural for your baby to cry. Some babies cry all day (and night!) long, while others are quieter, and just cry when they want something. When I first became a mum, I would always fret about why Katie was crying. But, as my parenting experience grew, I came to understand what her different cries meant, which enabled me to soothe her properly.

Katie cried when she was hungry, tired, bored, hot or cold, as well as when she had wind or needed her nappy changing. Sometimes, she would cry just because she wanted a cuddle! A lot of new parents worry that their little one is unwell if they are constantly crying, but, with Katie, I found that her ‘sick cry’ was notably more distressed and despondent than normal.

Here are just some of the tricks I used to sooth Katie when she wouldn’t stop crying.

Use a gentle rocking motion

My first port of call with Katie was to hold her close to my chest and gently jig her up and down, while swaying softly from left to right. If this didn’t work, I would put her in her pram, and rock it backwards and forwards. Sometimes it helped to take her out for a walk, as she would get distracted by the new surroundings or eventually tire herself out.

Give them a comforter

A lot of babies like to have a special toy, comfort blanket or baby comforter that they cuddle at night and during daytime naps to make them feel safe and secure. If your baby is crying, you could try soothing them with their comforter – you never know, they could just be crying because they dropped it! Our Slumbertag comforters are soft for your little one’s skin, and have fun, colourful designs that newborns and toddlers alike find fascinating.

Try a warm bath and/or a massage

Just as we mums love a good soak and a spa treatment, some babies find it relaxing to have a warm bath and a gentle massage. I found that I could often soothe Katie in this way when she was crying. Just make sure that the bath water is at a comfortable, warm temperature, and chat or sing calmly while bathing them. After you have dried them off, try a gentle-but-firm massage. I preferred not to use lotion or oil until Katie was at least one month old.

Here at Slumbersac, our range of baby comforters, sleeping sacks and more are lovingly designed to keep your little one as safe and happy as possible, and are perfect for helping to soothe your baby when they cry.