Celebrating Valentine's Day as the parents of young children can often mean passing on a romantic dinner out, or even a quiet evening at home. Do you have a newborn, or even a toddler or older children and you have no babysitter and no idea how to celebrate Valentine's Day? Like many of us parents, you are probably utterly exhausted and a date night seems out of reach. Coming up with date night ideas can be overwhelming for parents, but that doesn't mean you need to forget celebrating at all. Lucky for you, there are lots of ways to celebrate at home as a family and create a truly special night for everyone.

A homemade romantic meal is easy to manage if you keep it simple. You and your partner can look after the children while the other cooks. Once the meal is ready, put your little one into bed, sit down, eat, talk (NOT about the baby) and relax.

Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to bake some love heart style food! Buy a love heart stencil and shape your food for your partner (cheesey we know but adds a little special touch)! And who doesn't love receiving heart shaped pancakes or a big chocolate cake?!

If cooking a homemade meal is too much hassle, treat yourself and order in! Sit back with your take-away and enjoy a movie on Netflix together cuddled on the sofa. Pure bliss!

It sounds more romantic to have some one-on-one time with your partner, but honestly, some of the best dates can include other people, especially when new mums are craving some adult company. It’s easy to invite friends over for some wine or beer plus a fun board game or some karaoke. Or just sit around and chat. It’s surprising how refreshed you’ll feel after spending some time with other adults vs. just your newborn and partner. If you do have friends over, keep the following in mind…

❤ Work with your baby’s schedule. If baby always needs attention at 7 pm – plan to have people over at 8.
❤ Fight the urge to only have friends over if your house is perfectly clean – as new parents, this won’t ever happen. Trust me, no one cares about your house, your friends miss you and just want to spend time with you.
❤ Have some drinks and food on hand, but keep it easy such as snacks or order a pizza. If you must cook, try something super simple like pasta. Consider asking your friends to bring the food since you’re hosting.
❤ Be close - cuddle together as a family. If your kids are young, have a tickle-fest! Valentine’s is all about love at the end of the day!
❤ And last but not least - HAVE FUN!

And if you haven't already seen our Adult/Baby sleeping bags - they make the perfect gift this Valentine's Day! Super cosy for a night-in on the sofa! 

Happy Valentine's!