Leif Shinnick was born to proud parents Katie & Jaime on 4th March at 3.03pm in Frimley Hospital, Surrey. He weighed in at 7lbs 2ozs and arrived with a healthy head of black hair! Great Grandad Tom and Nanny Lin were Leif’s first visitors in hospital, followed by his sister Eyla (3) and brother Isaac (18 months). During Leif’s first month, his siblings have helped to make him very welcome in his new home – in fact they are besotted with him! They love to spoil Leif, and if he cries, Isaac will often take Leif his favourite toy and try and make him smile.

Leif seems to be a well behaved baby so far! He loves his sleep and loves a cuddle when napping during the day too. He’s got himself in a good routine of feeding every 3 hours and when he’s not eating he’s sleeping – sounds like the ideal baby! At only 3 weeks old, he is already very alert, lifting his head to look around him. He also turns his head towards people’s voices, and shares the biggest happiest smiles whenever possible!

We’re really excited that we’re going to be following Leif throughout his first year, and we hope that you will enjoy following him (and his family!) and watching him progress. Every month, we’ll post updates and pics of Leif so you can see for yourselves how he’s getting on, so keep your eyes on this space!