The year is about to end and for a mum it’s always time to look back on and relish the memories made in that year. Moments such as birthday’s trips away, summer holidays and school parties are just a small example of the memories that will last with us forever, but for the New Year what New Year resolutions are you going to set yourself? Here are some ideas that we think are very important…

-          Be more patient

With children you need to have a lot of patience at the best of times! Sometimes it’s difficult to accept that children can take more than half an hour to get to sleep, but the most important thing is to remember to calm them in their bedroom environment. If at first they don’t settle, take your time and try again. Being a mother means you need a lot of patience with most things associated with your children.


-          Try teaching your children something

The mission of any parent is to make their children go their own way. It’s important for your children to learn things from an early age so they can develop throughout the years. Teaching your children something will be extremely beneficial for them as they are more likely to remember it. It also creates a great bond and relationship for both mother and child.


-          Spend more time with your children

School, work, sports and other commitments reduce the hours we spend with our children. If we add the tiredness at the end of the day on top of that as well, sometimes we spend zero time with them! Some ideas which you might do on a daily basis which the children can help with are: cooking, let them help with the domestic activities like cleaning. Turn off the TV and play some board games around the dinner table, and speak about your day! Spending time with your children is vital to make special relationships.


-          Listen more

As adults, it can sometimes be clear who we really listen to and who we pretend to listen to. Children are capable of distinguishing between those who are paying attention to them and who are more interested in their superiors only. Children express their opinions and views to us but sometimes we might not realise we aren’t taking notice. Communicating with your children is a great way for them to open up about their thoughts, after all it’s their only way of expressing themselves.


If you have any great New Year resolutions we’d love to hear them! Comment below your ideas!