It’s that time of the year again! Christmas can be your kid’s favourite holiday and probably the most wonderful time for all your family. But, Christmas can also be a stressful time with shopping, cooking and festive preparations. Here are some tips on how to have a relaxing Christmas with your kids.

-         Be well prepared. You need to plan in advance all the festive preparations to have a relaxing Christmas. Make lists with everything you need such as groceries, decorations and gifts. Plan and prioritise each step of your festive preparations, one way is to save time by shopping online. It will be less stressful than big shopping centres and you can do it when you want without the hassle of taking your children- every mother’s nightmare! Just make sure everything will arrive on time. Choose a date for decorating your Christmas tree and do it with your kids. Your kids will enjoy these family moments and will be great memories for them in the future. You can also ask the kids’ grandparents, aunts, uncles to come. They will help you with the festive preparations and your entire family will be together. This is the Christmas spirit!

-         Avoid perfectionism. For every Christmas, you want the best Christmas ever with the perfect gifts, meal and decorations, to create an unforgettable memory for your kids. But this is a lot of pressure. You are already a Super Mum, you already do your best, so just have trust in yourself and it’s guaranteed to be a perfect Christmas!

-         Enjoy and relax with your family. Have fun with your kids by playing some family games. This keeps everyone laughing and creates some great memories! Go outside, play with your kids and enjoy the winter to make beautiful Snowman- that’s if it snows! Then, listen to some Christmas music for a relaxing and fun time.

-         Have a relaxing night. Kids needs a good and peaceful night’s sleep before the Christmas day to ensure they aren’t agitated throughout the Christmas celebrations. During the day, don’t let your kids consume too much sugar. Before bedtime, give your kids a warm bath which helps them to relax. A warm milk and a massage could be helpful. Use a Slumbersac sleeping bag, which combines quality, comfort and safety allowing a night at constant temperature, for a great night’s sleep. Read them a story, not necessarily Christmas-related as this might increase their excitement and will prevent them from sleeping. Explain to them the faster they sleep, the faster Father Christmas will come and deliver their presents.

-         And don’t forget to have some time to relax for you! Take some time in the morning or the evening for you and your partner. After a long hard day, recharge your batteries with a relaxing hot bath.

We hope our tips have given you some ideas of how to have a relaxing Christmas with your kids. We would love to hear your reviews and your Christmas stories. Please use the comments section below to share them with us.