From birth, baby's skin can be very fragile and new, therefore it’s necessary to take care to protect it from bacteria or anything which could cause harm. In our blog we give you some practical advice on how to help and manage your baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby toiletries

Choosing the correct baby toiletries when your baby has sensitive skin is very important. The skin of your baby can be easily irritable and very absorbent so it’s vital you aren’t putting any harsh chemicals on it. Try to choose pure and non-perfumed products checking that they are hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and pH neutral so they don’t damage the skin. Generally they are made from natural materials: sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerine etc.

Don’t have long baths

When you give your baby a bath, do not leave them for too long. Water often has high lime scale levels and can be damaging for such a thin skin, which therefore could easily dry out. Ideally bath time should not exceed 10 minutes. If you see that they take pleasure and their skin supports it well, you can extend this time a little. Above all, never leave your baby alone in the bath. Never leave, even briefly.

Moisturize baby's skin

For soft and sensitive skin to develop properly, do not hesitate to moisturise your child once a day. Take some skin cream or almond milk recommended by your doctor. Good products for this are usually ones with petroleum jelly or vegetables oils included as these are great for dry areas of the skin.

Watch for redness

If your baby has a rash, show it to your local doctor. They will be able to tell you which product is best to tackle these issues. It’s the same in case of nappy rash. Make sure you change the nappy often and let your baby’s bottom breathe.

Care for every season

In winter and summer, you have to be vigilant and take more care of your baby’s skin. The cold will dry out baby’s skin and can cause irritation. You should be particularly attentive to his face. Ask your doctor, they will help you choose a moisturizer that you can apply morning and night. As for the sun, (which is quite rare!) your baby’s skin should not be exposed because it’s still immature and delicate. It’s essential you apply a high factor sun cream if going outside.

Clothing suited to delicate baby skin

Of course with clothing, natural materials are best. Slumbersac muslin sleeping bags are perfect for sensitive baby skin. They are made from 100% muslin cotton, lightweight and breathable. At night they reduce the risk of overheating so are perfect for warmer evenings in the summer. Slumbersac also offer 100% cotton sleeping bags, which are great at preventing allergies in children, and are available in 4 tog/weights.