Is your baby due this summer? If you haven’t decided on a name yet, we’re here to help with our summer inspired baby names for boys and girls.


1. Summer – we thought we’d start with the most obvious and the temperature is definitely rising for this gorgeous baby name, which first started to appear in the 70s.

2. Ruby – Ruby is the birthstone for July, the peak of summer. A vibrant name for a baby girl.

3. Lucy – Lucy literally means light and is a happy, friendly name.

4. Peaches – a popular summer fruit, which we just think is adorable!

5 Augusta – a majestic and grand name given to female relatives of Roman emperors. Name your baby Augusta and she will be strong and dignified!

6. Virginia – If your baby is born towards the end of summer their star sign will be Virgo making the name Virginia a perfect choice for your little girl!

7. Jasmine – this name became very popular after the release of Disney’s Aladdin. Jasmine is a gorgeous summer scent, making it a great choice of name for a summer baby!

8. Violet – we just love this sweet summer baby name inspired by Viola plants.

9. Kyra – An Engyptian/Persian name meaning ‘sun’ and in some languages it translates to ‘throne’ making it a regal name!

10. Juliet – if your baby is due in July then Juliet is a perfect choice for a girl. The name means youthful, so if you choose this name, your baby girl will always be young at heart!


1. Julius – If your baby boy is due in June or July, then Julius is a great name! The name means youthful and is associated with the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, which also makes it a strong and powerful choice.

2. Leo – a lot of summer babies come under the Leo sun sign, so is the perfect choice for a summer born baby boy. There are lots of variations too including Leonardo and Leopold.

3. Sunny – if the sun is shining when you baby is born, then we couldn’t think of a better name! You could also spell it with an ‘o’, Sonny if you want to vary it.

4. August – The month of August gets its name from Emperor Augustus so this is a strong and powerful name for a baby boy. When you think of August you think of all the things associated with summer – sun, sea, sand and sunscream, and so it is a lovely, happy name, sure to make you smile!

5. Luca – derived from the Latin word "lux" or “light”, making it a great choice for summer baby boys. You could also opt for Lucas.

6. River – a lovely name for a boy or girl, which evokes feelings of both strength and calm.

7. Cain – another water inspired name. It’s a welsh name meaning ‘clear water’ and we think it’s a great choice for a baby boy!

8. Beach – we don’t know about you, but we love going to the beach in summer! You could also change the spelling to Beech, like the Beech tree, which symbolises learning and knowledge, so your baby boy will grow to be very clever and studious!

9. Dylan  a Welsh unisex baby name meaning ‘sea’ , which pays homage to American folk singer Bob Dylan.

10. Gardener – if you’re in to your gardening then this is the baby name for you! This name has a true summer feel to it.