Congratulations! You are expecting your first child! There must be many questions running through your mind right now, as well as a whole host of emotions. The main thing is not to worry! We have picked the brains of Slumbersac mums and friends for their top tips they’d pass on to all the new mums and first-time mums to be…

1. Don’t obsess over lack of sleep

Unfortunately babies and broken sleep go hand-in-hand, but your main goal should be caring for your baby. Don’t get angry and stressed, or it will just make things worse. Things will improve, so just keep telling yourself that it isn’t forever! The more you obsess over lack of sleep, the less sleep you will get. Lots of mums we spoke to all said the same thing – ‘sleep when your baby sleeps.’ Take naps at the same time and go to bed early. You won't be any good to your baby if you're falling over with exhaustion.

2. Follow your instincts

Friends and family will all give you their advice and tips based on their learnings, but do things exactly how you want to. Mums know best! Trust your mother’s instinct. Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect parent, just be the best you can be.

3. Accept help

With your first child it is natural to want to do everything yourself, but don’t turn down offers of help from friends and family. Don’t try and be a superhuman mum! Be honest and tell people if you are struggling. They will want to help and be there for you.

4. It’s not a competition

Every child develops at a different pace, it’s not a competition. If your child hasn’t started walking or talking, don’t worry. It will happen eventually. Don’t compare your little one’s development to others.

5. Make time for you

It is important to make time for yourself. If you and your partner want to go out for a romantic meal, do it. Maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with your partner is essential in being a good parent.

6. Set a routine

Baby’s like routine so try and set up some daily rituals. For example, bath time and reading a bedtime story. This will help your baby feel safe and secure.

7. Crying is normal

All babies cry, so don’t think it’s something you’re doing wrong. We all need to cry sometimes! When they do cry, comfort them, hug them, sing to them…but don’t feel you have to stop it.

8. Don’t worry about breastfeeding

If you are planning on breastfeeding your baby, don’t feel bad if you baby doesn’t latch on right away. And prepare yourself for soreness! If you decide to bottle feed your child, again, don’t feel bad for deciding to do so. All that matters is that your baby is being fed and is healthy.

9. Make sure your washing machine is in good working order!

You are going to be doing a lot of laundry when your baby arrives, so when you are preparing for parenthood double the amount of baby grows and clothes you think you are going to need!

10. Don’t panic if you get it wrong

You are only human, and all humans make mistakes! Just do the best you can and try and enjoy every moment as the time really will fly by!