Christmas is just around the corner so now is the time to get organised and start buying gifts for your little angels! But thinking of what to buy for babies and toddlers isn’t always easy – that’s why we have come up with our top 5 gift ideas to help you get your Christmas shopping all wrapped up!

Tp 5 Gift Ideas for Babies:

1) A baby comforter
Slumbersac sell a wonderful selection of Baby Comforters, providing comfort for your baby during the night, but they are also fun and educational for daytime play! We even have a cute Santa and Reindeer red baby comforter, especially for Christmas!

2) A cosy sleeping bag
A sleeping bag is a lovely gift for newborn babies, providing warmth, comfort and a perfect night’s sleep! Slumbersac newborn sleeping bags are available in a range of gorgeous designs and togs for baby boys and girls.

3) A cuddly toy
A cuddly toy makes the perfect gift for a baby’s first Christmas. Seeing them smile from ear to ear when they receive it will fill you with Christmas cheer too! A child always remembers their first cuddly toy – I still have mine!

4) A teething ring
A teething ring is a lovely gift idea. They are lightweight, making them easy to hold and help to sooth the pain of teething gums. There are lots of super cute designs available and some even come with a beautiful scent!

5) A beautiful baby mobile
Baby mobiles are ideal for entertaining and calming babies. Some new baby mobiles even feature a timer and sound sensor that detects if your baby wakes, triggering gentle melodies to relax and help them drift back to sleep!

The most important thing to remember is not to buy something that a baby could swallow. Make sure you check the label of whatever you buy to ensure it is suitable for babies.

Tp 5 Gift Ideas for Toddlers:

Now your baby is a little older you need to think of gift ideas that will keep them entertained! Here are our top picks:

1) A sleeping bag with feet
Slumbersac sleeping bags with feet are great for helping your child as they learn to walk and explore their world for the first time! You can get them ready for bed nice and early and they can still play until you’re ready to put them down. For that extra special gift you can have their name embroidered on to the bag and you can also design your very own Slumbersac sleeping bag from scratch.

2) Building blocks
Building blocks are a great introduction to building and will keep toddlers occupied for hours! I used to love building things with Katie – I bought them secretly for me really!

3) A mini kitchen
A play kitchen will provide toddlers with hours of role play fun! Plus, it’s a great way of keeping your mini chef away from the real oven so you can concentrate on not overcooking the Christmas dinner!

4) A musical instrument
You can buy some wonderful drum sets for toddlers that enhance sensory development. They include a selection of melodies to play along with, as well as educational modes like letters, numbers and follow-along.

5) A personalised book
Buy a toddler a book with their first and last name to make it extra special! I bought a beautiful alphabet book for Katie with a word that represented every letter. It really helped her with pronouncing words she was struggling with!

If you need some more inspiration – head over to our Slumbersac Christmas Boutique featuring a great selection of gift ideas for babies, toddlers and adults too!

Happy Shopping!