Here are a few of our favourite ideas for kick-starting the holiday season and getting you and your family in a festive mood!

1. Go shopping for the perfect tree
Make a day of it and go shopping for the perfect Christmas tree! If you’re looking for a real tree, visit a plantation for a great family day out – the smell of pine is sure to get you in the mood! Or if you are looking for an artificial tree, visit a local garden centre, sing-a-long to the Christmas music and enjoy a lovely cup of hot chocolate afterwards!

2. Go ice skating
What better way to feel Christmassy than visiting an outdoor ice rink! Whether you and your children are good skaters, you will soon all be falling over with fits of laughter! Plus, it’s great to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a bit of exercise with the family.

3. Watch a festive film
Television is packed with festive films in December and snuggling up on the sofa (in your matching adult and baby Slumbersac sleeping bags), is a great way of bringing the family closer together! Christmas can be hectic, so this is a good way of taking some time out and relaxing with your loved ones.

4. Make your own Christmas cards and gifts
Get creative and make your own Christmas cards and gifts to give to friends and family. This is a fantastic way of getting all of the family involved and is a lot of fun! Why not put on your favourite Christmas album in the background to make it even more special!?

5. Ready, Steady, BAKE!
Bake something that reminds you of the festive season. The smell of mince pies, or gingerbread men is bound to awaken your Christmas spirit! This is a lovely activity to do with your children and a great way of establishing Christmas traditions they will remember each year.