Parenting New Year Resolutions

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! Forget the last 12 months of mistakes and start 2020 with a fresh set of doable objectives! No parent is perfect, so let us embrace our non-perfect parenting this year and instead of huge changes, let’s try and make small changes that will make parenting a lot more rewarding, but a lot less stressful!

Here are my top 5 totally doable, New Year Parenting Resolutions:

1. Restrict Digital Distractions

Let’s face it, we are all becoming a slave to our mobile phones and tablets and it can become all consuming. Try and restrict the time you and your children spend playing on electronic devices. Why not try and have one day a week where you ‘unplug’ and ‘regroup’?! Read a book, play a game, bake, play with toys, listen to music, draw pictures… these are things you can enjoy together as a family.

2. Have a Little Patience

In the words of Take That, try and ‘Have a Little Patience.’ You always feel awful after snapping at your children, as you know it’s mostly down to extreme exhaustion. If they don’t go to bed straight away, take a long, deep breath, read them a bedtime story and then try again. If you do find yourself getting annoyed with your children, try and tell them why you are upset and keep it focused on your feelings instead of what they are doing. For example “Mummy is feeling very tired,” instead of “You’re really annoying Mummy right now.”

3. Get Outdoors

Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy outdoor activities with your children. This is good for you and your child as sometimes staying indoors can make us feel anxious and a little claustrophobic and this is when you tend to get worked up and potentially snap.

4. Put a cap on your working day

Make a conscious effort this year to try and not check your work e-mail after 6pm so you can be present for your children and spend quality time together. Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when you crack, but you'll find turning your laptop and phone off during these times will help you focus on what is important – you and your family.

5. Make Time for You

Make sure you take some time out from the kids. Get a babysitter and go and see your friends for a glass of wine and a gossip, go to the cinema, visit a spa, go for a run, read a book. Yes, your children are your first priority, but you need to look after yourself too! If you are run down, it’s hard to be a positive parent. If you have a partner make sure you enjoy a ‘Date Night’, even if it is at home. Sometimes being a fantastic parent, means you can forget about your fantastic husband/wife and it is important to show each other how much you care! Seeing their parents happy will make your child feel secure and happy too!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year. Here’s to a fantastic 2020!