Celebrating Valentine's Day as the parents of young children means passing on a romantic dinner out or even a quiet evening at home. On Valentine's Day babysitters are in high demand and the kids still need to eat. But, that doesn't mean parents need to forget celebrating at all. There are lots of ways to celebrate at home as a family and create a truly special night. Here are some ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day with the family…

  • No Complaints – Use the 24hr period of Valentine’s Day to ban complaints. Parents included!  Someone who is positive is more pleasant to be around!
  • Go on a date together as a whole family – Is there a family event or place that your kids enjoy where you can be together?  If the weather is nice try some outdoor activities which every kid loves!
  • Tell a love story – Tell the kids one of the reasons that you fell in love with their dad, in front of him (even if you are separated from your child’s father, this is good for your kid to hear-Get the tissues ready!)
  • Share the love – Tell your family members that you love them – it is amazing how important those words are!
  • Share a meal – Valentines is a great way to bake some love heart style food! Buy a love heart stencil and bake a cake in that mould. Remember the red food dye to make it extra special!
  • Create a surprise – Encourage your kids to help you with a surprise for your hubby (or for another family member). You can decorate a welcome home banner, decorate pictures, bring him something at work, be creative.
  • Be close – Cuddle together as a family. If your kids are young, have a tickle-fest! Valentine’s is all about love at the end of the day!
  • Be thankful – Look for three things to thank each of your family members for throughout the day. Say these at the table before dinner time and it will make them feel great.
  • Be thoughtful – Make an extra effort to actively listen to your children and your spouse. Ask them leading questions to encourage them to talk to you.
  • And last of all - HAVE FUN!

If you have any great ideas or activities you think are great to do with the kids on Valentine’s Day, please feel free and share your thoughts below in the comment section!

Happy Valentine's!