Bamboo cotton has many benefits to your baby which is why they love it so much! The unbelievable softness of bamboo is one of the main reaons your baby will fall in love with it. The level of confort it brings, it feels just like cashmere or silk.


Bamboo cotton is significatnly more breathable than other fabrics as it’s derirved from plant fibres so can regulate your baby’s temperature. It’s great for warmer summer months thanks to its hollow fibres and in the winter it’s also great as insulation and a warm underlayer. This also makes it smell fresher for longer due to the excellent ventilation and ensures baby stays drier for longer as bamboo absorbs moisture 3x more efficiencly than other fabrics.

Great on sensitve skin & hypoallergic

Bamboo cotton doesn’t have any sharp fibres or spurs coming off it so it’s ideal for babies who suffer with eczema or allergies as it won’t irrate them.

Good for the environment

Bamboo requires no pesticides or articifical fertilizers to grow and can continually be re-harvested after every cut. It also doesn’t require much water to grow, so doesn’t use up vaulable water resources. The bamboo plant also absorbs around 5x more carbon dioxide and produces around 35% more oxygen than the average tree which is great news for the enviroment! Bamboo is also 100% biodegradable so products made from it can be composted.

Can grow anywhere

Bamboo has lightening fast growth and can grow almost anywhere – even on sides of mountains were other crops can’t. Bamboo also improves the fertility of the soil on which is grows as when it’s cut, it’s not uprooted, can can grow over and over again.

Easy to care for

All Slumbersac Bamboo Cotton Sleeping Bags are machine washable and tuble dry friendly on a low heat.

What about the Panda Bear?

If you’re wondering ‘but what about the poor pandas…’, yes they do eat Bamboo but not the type used for textiles and clothing. There are about 1000 different types of bamboo, luckly Panda’s eat a different one!