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Healthy baby sleep is also a big and important topic that concerns many parents, especially in the early days: In addition to informative articles and expert tips, our Slumbersac blog also answers the most common questions parents have about baby sleep and Slumbersac products.

You can find our practical guide on the subject of "SAFE AND HEALTHY SLEEP FOR BABIES, CHILDREN AND PARENTS". 

It's important to remember every child is different and will develop at different speeds. Here are some tips to help give your child the best start in life:


  1. When can my baby regulate its own body temperature?

    When can my baby regulate its own body temperature?

    When it gets too cold or too warm for us adults, the body reacts automatically, for example with shivering or sweating. In this way, it regulates the temperature difference in order to always keep the body's own temperature at the same level. Your baby doesn’t yet have this automatic response. It’s therefore particularly important to help them not to get too hot or too cold. In this blog article, you can read how you can create the best conditions for this and when your child will be able to regulate their body temperature on their own.

    baby crawling

    This is why your child cannot maintain their body temperature on their own yet

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  2. Early childhood reflexes

    Early childhood reflexes

    Perhaps you have already asked yourself why your baby reacts to external stimuli such as for example, reacting the same way over and over again to certain touches. This is due to early childhood reflexes. They occur in certain months of life and then regress again. They are usually involuntary that your baby is born with that are there to help survive its first few months of life. The paediatrician can check whether your child is developing as normal during the preventive examinations. You can find out which early childhood reflexes you can discover in your baby in this blog post.

    baby reflexes

    Your baby has these reflexes

    The movements, which are initially triggered automatically,

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