What is TOG? The Tog System simply explained.

Tog is a "unit of measure for the thermal resistance of textiles". This simply means that the tog rating or weight of a baby sleeping bag determines its thickness and therefore how warm it keeps your child. The higher the tog rating (weight) the warmer the baby sleeping bag is. The Tog rating of baby sleeping bags must be tested in a laboratory.

It is important to note that there are also other factors to take into account such as the baby's clothing to ensure that your baby doesn't overheat or get hypothermia. Please follow our recommendations below to determine which Tog is right for you.

At Slumbersac, our sleeping bags are sent away for Tog testing with Intertek who approve the weight and safety of each bag. Slumbersac has baby sleeping bags, kids sleeping bags and sleeping bags with feet available in 4 Tog weights:

0.5 Tog - this is breathable and unlined. Suitable for Summer and room temperatures above 24 degrees.

1.0 Tog - suitable for Spring and Autumn and a room temperature of 18-24 degrees.

2.5 Tog - padded. Suitable for year-round use and room temperatures of 15-21 degrees.

3.5 Tog - with warm padding. Suitable for Winter and room temperatures below 18 degrees.

Note: the thickness of the sleeping bag and the baby's clothing should be adapted to the room temperature rather than the season.

We have created this handy table above as a guide to what clothing children should wear in the sleeping bag. This largely depends on the room temperature. The recommended temperature for your children's room is 16-18 degrees.

These are guidelines only - you should always check your baby to make sure they don’t overheat. Remember it is better to be cool rather than hot and it is quite normal for your baby’s hands and arms to be cool. Feel the nape of your baby’s neck – if it is damp then your baby might be too warm.