The perfect choice for little adventurers. Our soft and cosy socks with non-slip soles keep little feet safely on the ground.

Pack of 3 socks with non-slip socks in various bright colours.

Slumbersac socks are not only ideal for your children's safety, but also great for comfort and style.

Breathable and Soft: Our socks are made from high-quality materials that not only ensure breathability, but also offer an excellent fit. This means your little ones' little feet stay dry and at a comfortable temperature all day long.

Non-slip rubber coating: We know how important your children's safety is, especially during this exciting phase when they are learning to walk. Our socks have a special non-slip rubber coating on the bottom, which ensures a firm grip on all surfaces and minimises the risk of slippping.

For Children 2 Months to 4 Years: Slumbersac offers a wide range of sizes to support children from 2 months to 4 years. So, you can be sure that your children have the perfect companion on their feet in every phase of growth.

Let your little ones explore the world without compromising their safety. Our pack of 3 Slumbersac socks not only offers protection and comfort, but also a touch of colour in your children's everyday life.