Slumbersac Story

Welcome to Slumbersac (trademark of Schlummersack), where every stitch, every achievement, and every decision tells a story - a story of authenticity, love and support.

Karina's Beginnings

Our founder Karina started Slumbersac almost fifteen years ago, driven by her love for children and the need to offer high-quality sleeping bags for babies. The story of Slumbersac did not start in a conference room, but in a small village in Thuringia.

Special Moments

Do you remember the moment when your baby slept in one of our Slumbersacs for the first time? That's the moment we share - an emotional connection that brings our story to life.

Supporting Parents

Slumbersac (trademark of Schlummersack) is not just a company; we are a source of trust and comfort for parents worldwide. Our sleeping bags have been developed to ensure a peaceful, safe, and healthy sleep for your baby, so you as parents can also enjoy restful nights.


Slumbersac (trademark of Schlummersack), as the inventor of the baby sleeping bag with feet, is a true pioneer. Patents on practical design details such as our feet covers with non-slip soles show how we lead the way in innovation. Our innovative strength continuously drives us to develop products that are not only safe but also groundbreaking.

Successes and Milestones

From a small online store to international awards such as the prestigious "Best E-Commerce Business" award at the Business Excellence Awards 2016 – our story is marked by successes and milestones that show our quality and commitment.

Social Responsibility

Slumbersac (trademark of Schlummersack) is not just about products. Since 2016, we have been a proud member of Buy1Give1 (B1G1). We give a donation for every sleeping bag that you buy which contributes to a social project and therefore a better world. You can find out more about the incredible projects you have contributed to with the purchase of a Slumbersac here: Giving with Slumbersac.

Our Partnership with empact

In September 2023, another exciting phase began for Slumbersac (trademark of Schlummersack) when Karina sold her company shares to empact brands GmbH. This strong partnership brings even more opportunities for Slumbersac to deliver its mission to provide high-quality, safe, and innovative products for babies.

Slumbersac continues to be a trusted brand that offers practical, cosy, beautifully designed baby sleeping bags that keep littles ones safe and secure. Find out more and view our Baby Sleeping Bag Range