Basics - Plain Baby Sleeping Bags

Discover our range of plain baby sleeping bags and sleeping bags with feet in contemporary and popular colours for this season.

Contemporary Colours: Cosy Slumbersacs in Sophisticated Plain Shades

Finding the perfect blend of appealing design and practical functionality in babywear is essential. At Slumbersac, we recognise everyone's preference is different, which is why we provide not only playful, patterned options but also a wide selection of chic, plain-coloured designs. Our colour palette includes deep petrol, muted olive, vibrant saffron, bold fuchsia, bright turquoise, cosy berry, soft pastel pink, and luxurious caramel. With this selection, you are sure to find the perfect colour to match your style.

The Importance of a Baby Slumbersac

Choosing the right baby Slumbersac is crucial for your infant's safe and cosy sleep, whether during the night or the day. This essential item for newborns and babies helps prevent overheating and promotes babies sleeping on their back, and reducing the risk of more-dangerous tummy sleeping. A Slumbersac ensures your baby stays at an optimal temperature, irrespective of the season or indoor climate, offering peace of mind to parents.

The Innovative Slumbersac with Feet

Should your baby feel restricted in a traditional sleeping bag, our footed Slumbersac presents an excellent solution. It not only allows your child to rest peacefully but also to move, crawl and play. The practical design has foldable foot covers with non-slip soles to keep little feet warm and secure. For 9 years, Slumbersac has been at the forefront of these innovative sleeping bags, providing a safer alternative to conventional baby blankets.

Enhanced Mobility and Safety

Our Slumbersac with legs delivers the advantages of a traditional baby sleeping bag while providing additional space for those tiny, exploring feet. This ensures your child can stay snug and covered, even on cooler nights, without the risk of becoming uncovered.

Sizes and TOG Ratings for Every Need

Ranging from 60cm for the tiniest infants to 130cm for older children, our Slumbersac is designed to grow with your child. Utilising the TOG rating system, it's easy to find the ideal sleeping bag for any season and indoor temperature, ensuring your little one is always protected and comfortable.