Safe and Healthy Sleep

How to create the perfect sleeping environment for your baby

4 Oct, 2017

Here are just a few tips for doing so that I learnt while bringing up Katie.

Keep the room as dark as possible
Your baby will sleep best in a room that is completely dark, as this will enable their brain to fully switch off. Whenever you put them down for a sleep, you could use blackout curtains to block out any sunlight or any intruding glow from streetlamps. Always turn off the light, and, if you do use a nightlight, make sure it is as dim as possible, so as not to disturb them. 

Play quiet, soothing music
I always found that a little gentle noise helped Katie sleep more soundly. A nice addition to your baby’s sleeping environment is a mobile or perhaps even a player with soothing noises.

Let them cuddle up with a comforter
Babies like having a soothing object like a comforter with them when they settle down for a nap or sleep, as it makes them feel safe and able to relax. Katie loved her comforter when she was little – she would fiddle with it during the day and always have it near bedtime.

Keep them at a comfortable temperature
If your baby is too hot or cold, they will soon tell you about it. Keeping your baby at the right temperature is important for both their comfort and safety. Before you lay them down for a sleep, make sure the room is between 16 and 20 degrees. This will reduce any risk of them overheating and becoming distressed. Dressing them in a baby sleeping bag is another great way to keep them comfortable while they snooze – the gentle 100 percent cotton bags are breathable and allow your little one to maintain a safe temperature throughout the night. 

Develop a bedtime routine
Having a bedtime routine will mean that, by the time your baby enters the perfect sleeping environment that you’ve created, they will be ready to sleep. This is the same for toddlers, especially if they are having trouble sleeping in their own bed. Having a bedtime routine will help them to calm down and get into the right frame of mind for a good night’s sleep.